Perl setting locale

Perl may provide locale warnings on some systems:
  perl: warning: Setting locale failed.
  perl: warning: Please check that your locale settings:
       LC_ALL = "En_US",
       LANG = (unset)
  are supported and installed on your system.
  perl: warning: Falling back to the standard locale ("C").
To use the locales package:
  $ apt-get install locales
  $ dpkg-reconfigure locales
To use the locales-conf package on newer systems:
  $ install localeconf
  $ dpkg-reconfigure localeconf
To see your available locales:
  $ locale -a
To generate a new locale:
  $ locale-gen en_US.UTF-8
To set the languages for everyone on your system,
add these lines to your /etc/environment file:
To set the languages for your personal account,
add these lines to your ~/.profile or ~/.bashrc file:
  export LANGUAGE=en_US.UTF-8
  export LC_CTYPE=en_US.UTF-8
  export LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8
For more information: Ubuntu locale documentation

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