Use Cases

Imagine fictitious people who want to use your product.
Who are they? What are their goals for your product?
We can describe each user and goal in a "Use Case".

Here are some examples of users and goals for education software:

What should be in a use case?

To improve your use case

Iteratively add more detail to the outline to specify the steps of the use case. You are done when the use case has a complete flow of events, has terminology described in a support glossary and defines all inputs to and outputs from the use case.

To make your use case easier to read

To descibe you user interface

Put your user interface details in a separate document.

To describe your data validations

Put your data validations in a separate document.

Example Use Case

Title: Student creates a course schedule Primary Actor: Student Secondary Actor: Course Registration System Brief Description: Normal Flow Alternate Flows

What's Next?

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