A blog is a website discussion where users can post messages to each other. Companies are starting blog discussions about their products and services, and many users have started blogs about their own ideas, interests, and projects. Some blogs are public and open to everyone, some are protected with passwords for authorized users only.

A blogger is a person who creates a blog and manages it. Bloggers can be amateurs writing for fun, or corporate employees writing for a company or product, or professional journalists, or even CEOs!




Blogs are for online message posting, so are similar to newsgroups, forums, Internet bulletin boards, and website discussions.

Corporate Blog

Many companies have create corporate blogs to communicate more directly with customers, partners and employees. Here are some of the most popular corporate blogs.

CEO Blogs

When the CEO writes a company blog, the results can be powerful for sales, marketing, and public relations.

Here are our favorite CEO blogs:


The most popular blog software comes from:

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