Ruby On Rails

Ruby On Rails is a rapid application development framework that is especially good for building websites. We currently recommend Ruby 1.9.2 and Rails 3.0 because of the speed and features.


Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl/PHP/Python. This is our most frequently-requested web software stack. For some larger projects we also use Solaris,Nginx, PostgreSQL, and Java.


SQL stands for Structured Query Language for databases. We use MySQL and PostgreSQL extensively. For some project scaling needs we can supplment these SQL databases with NoSQL databases including Redis, MongoDB, Cassandra, etc.


AJAX stands for Asynchronous Javascript And XML. We are standardized on JQuery and Node.js.


Search Engine Optimization by making websites more useful and more standard. We use the Google Webmaster Guidelines. We do not use any kind of "tricks" to influence results.


We build HTML & CSS to optimize your website for smart phones including the iPhone, Android phones, Blackberry devices, and the iPad. If you need native application development for the iPhone/iPad or Android we are happy to connect you with developers who specialize in native application development.

What We Don't Do

The two widespread web technologies that we do not choose to pursue are Microsoft .Net and Adobe Flash. These have their uses especially for Microsoft-oriented platforms and online games, so we are happy to connect you with developers who specialize in these.