Customer Examples of Our Work

Adspace Networks

Business To Business Extranet (B2B)

Ruby On Rails + Social Networking

Adspace Networks


Disney Ideal Bite

Application Integration Research

Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP

Ideal Bite

Rojas Photo

Digital Photography Porfolio

Photoshop + AJAX + Javascript

Rojas Photo

Speesees Baby Clothing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

HTML + CSS + Staff Training


Recent Projects

$100,000 Extranet for a nationwide advertising company.
Ruby On Rails scheduling system for project management.
Social network rapid prototype to produce CEO/VP presentation.
Amazon S3 scalable storage of files plus encryption and validations.
Photography portfolio and Adobe training for New York City artist.
File uploading for a website to provide crop, rotate, scale, and effects.
AJAX user interface for users to rank items by clicking on stars.
Javascript effects for photo scrollers, rollovers, lightboxes and more.
Report generation for sales teams to show real-time results during calls.
Qmail queue tools to detect and delete spam from open relay mail servers.
Security validations for an IT team to verify password strengths and sign ins.
System monitoring to ensure high availability of custom applications.
Data mining for trend discovery, executive reporting, use-case analysis.
Mass mailing software configuration and extensions for media company.
Search Engine Optimization for eco-sustainable clothing retailer.
Web crawler that tracks changes to a company's competitors' websites.
Disaster recovery planning with backups, fire drills, and distributed tools
Emergency consulting when a company lost a key technical person