SixArm Jobs & Opportunities

Are you talented with technology? We hire people as independent contractors depending on client project needs and upcoming proposals.

We are looking for the highest quality enthusiastic people to work with us on our web consulting projects.

We work in an Agile way, and need people who understand the virtues of this methodology. You must be fully comfortable interacting with people in person, on email, and using chat. Clear communication skills are essential. We want people who enjoy challenges and get excited by new technology. Collaboration is key here, working through complex projects while helping others as you can.

We get a wide variety of clients and projects which give exciting opportunities for problem solving. Our main goal is to be continually delighting our clients with quality code, dependable deadlines, and reliable results.

We hire people who feel responsible for the success of projects, and actively try to make them run well. Our clients move quickly and they expect excellent results.

Please email with your resume and any links to your work and any of your social networking accounts that you would like us to see.

Web Designer

We seek a designer who can handcode web pages.

Our website are typically in AJAX, CSS, HTML.

We like JQuery, Compass, LESS, and SASS.

We aim to get use-cases whenever possible

We prefer Agile interations to wireframes

Experience with Photoshop or GIMP is a must

Web Developer

We seek a developer who knows open source technologies.

We use Ruby On Rails, some Python, Perl, PHP, Python, and Java.

We use MySQL and Postgres, with some NoSQL software.

We deploy on Linux for most projects, with some Solaris & BSD.

We prefer Git for version control and use

Web Application Experts

We see significant demand for these specific applications:
  • Google Maps, often with with customized icons and info bubbles
  • Blogs and journal scripts, especially WordPress, LiveJournal, Moveable Type
  • Social networks, especially Facebook applications and OpenSocial
  • CMS: Content Management Systems, especially Joomla
  • CRM: Customer Relationship Managers, especially SugarCRM
  • ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning, especially OpenERP

Database Administrator

We are looking for a mix of these kinds of skills:
  • Performance tuning optimizations of slow queries
  • Replications, both peer-to-peer and master-slave
  • Security audits and translucent recommendations
  • Moving PHP/Ruby/Python code to views & procs

Unix System Administrator

We are hiring a Unix/Linux system administrator:
  • Keep software up to date, especially packages
  • Manage our SMTPD, HTTPD, SFTPD, DVCS, and more
  • Manage our customer LAMP stacks, Rails, Django, Stripes
  • Experience with dtrace is a highly desirable
  • Experience with Amazon EC2 & S3 is a plus
  • Experience in qmail and/or postfix is a plus
  • Experience with version control is a plus